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  1. About ClearArc Capital

Our Brand

  • Our Identity

    The name ClearArc Capital reflects the distinct nature of the firm and its unique business model. In fact, the word “Clear” represents the clarity of our firm’s vision, and our transparency with clients. 

  • Our Identity

    The Arc represents a journey, and forward thinking. At ClearArc Capital, we leverage our investment team to think creatively, unbound by convention, in order to provide investment strategies with a different perspective. This forward thinking is what we deliver to our institutional clients and their consulting firms.

Beyond The Traditional

The ClearArc brand is strengthened by our unique approach to investing. We embrace this uniqueness in the markets we serve to create a distinct competitive advantage that represents the following:

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Integrated Approach

Portfolio managers manage client portfolios as well as serve as sector specialists for research and credit analysis within assigned sectors

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Unique Perspective

Unique capital structure perspective with an income focus. The firm recognizes that yield can represent a significant portion of total return, especially in a low growth environment

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The investment team is structured to allocate the appropriate team resources to meet the customized needs of each client’s specific investment objective

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