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About ClearArc Capital

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ClearArc Capital, Inc. provides investment strategies designed to meet the evolving needs of institutional clients. Through specialized investment teams that are highly adaptive to today’s markets, ClearArc Capital maintains a primary focus on client success.

  • SEC registered adviser under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 
  • Unique approach that includes research across capital structures in the search for income and return for today’s investors
  • A wholly owned subsidiary of Fifth Third Bank 
  • Office locations in Cincinnati, OH, Grand Rapids, MI, and Louisville, KY

Our Identity

The name ClearArc Capital reflects the distinct nature of the firm and its unique business model. In fact, the word “Clear” represents the clarity of our firm’s vision, and our transparency with clients. The Arc represents a journey, and forward thinking. At ClearArc Capital, we leverage our investment team to think creatively, unbound by convention, in order to provide investment strategies with a different perspective. This forward thinking is what we deliver to our institutional clients and their consulting firms.


Our Uniqueness

The ClearArc brand is strengthened by our unique approach to investing. We embrace this uniqueness to create a distinct competitive advantage in the markets we serve that represents the following:


  • Fluid Expertise
    A foundation of highly specialized investment talent structured appropriately for client specific objectives.
  • Client Centric Risk Management
    A clear focus on client goals with an eye on the evolving financial markets across the globe.
  • Adaptive Innovation
    Progressive investment strategy deployment with a keen focus on efficient sources of income and return in connection with the way the markets may be moving.

Beyond the Traditional

David L. Withrow

President, ClearArc Capital

David WithrowDavid L. Withrow is the President of ClearArc Capital. He joined ClearArc Capital in 2001 as a Senior Fixed Income Portfolio Manager and has 28 years of investment experience. Previously, Dave served as the Deputy Chief Investment Officer and Director of Taxable Fixed Income for ClearArc Capital. Before joining ClearArc Capital, he was a Portfolio Manager and Structured Product Analyst for Prime Capital Management in Indianapolis. He is a member of the Cincinnati Society of Financial Analysts and serves on the Finance Committee for the Cooperative for Education in Cincinnati, Ohio. Mr. Withrow graduated from Anderson University with a B.A. in Economics and is a CFA® charterholder.

Mitchell L. Stapley

Chief Investment Officer

Mitch StapleyMitchell L. Stapley is the Chief Investment Officer for ClearArc Capital. He joined ClearArc Capital in 2001 and has 33 years of investment experience. Prior to joining ClearArc Capital, Mr. Stapley was the Chief Fixed Income Officer at Lyon Street Asset Management, a subsidiary of Old Kent Bank, which was later acquired by Fifth Third Bank. Previously, he was Manager of Short Term Investments/Foreign Exchange Exposure at Navistar International Corporation in Chicago. While at Navistar, he was responsible for both investment strategy and implementation, and foreign exchange hedging and trading. Prior to that, Mr. Stapley served as a Portfolio Manager for William Wrigley Jr. Company in Chicago. He is on the investment committee for the Western Michigan University Endowment Fund and has served as the President of the CFA Society West Michigan. He graduated with a B.A. from Albion College and is a CFA® charterholder.

ClearArc Capital Leadership Team


ClearArc Capital Investment Team

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