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  • ClearArc Capital, Inc. provides progressive investment solutions for institutional investors.

    As an SEC registered adviser under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, ClearArc Capital offers a unique approach that includes research across capital structures in the search for income and return.


  • Strategic Income Plus

    • Low correlation to both stocks and bonds
    • High income with predominant focus on high quality
    • Unique mix of asset classes
  • Fixed Income

    • Unique capital structure perspective with a focus on high quality income
    • Securitized expertise to unlock value in an inefficient market
    • Portfolio customization
  • Dividend Growth – Equity

    • A differentiated focus on growth in dividends and earnings
    • A strong, fundamental approach utilizing a valuation and a relative strength discipline
    • Ability to perform in both rising and falling markets with lower volatility than the market

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Strategic Income Plus: Dare to be Different


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What does “dare to be different” mean in the investing world? There has been a lot of attention in the media regarding “alternatives” to traditional investments over the last several years. Many so-called alternatives do not provide the benefits they claim to, and offer pitfalls to the unwary. At ClearArc Capital, we feel our Strategic Income Plus strategy provides access to the desirable facets of an alternative strategy.

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Strategy Performance

Second Quarter 2018

Strategic Income Plus Commentary

Second Quarter 2018

Firm Summary

ClearArc Capital provides investment strategies designed to meet the ever-evolving needs of institutional clients.

Preferred Securities: An In-Depth Review

An attractive alternative to stocks and high yield.

Meeting the Income Challenge

Preferred Securities and the Quest for Yield

Firm Announcement

ClearArc Capital Named Top Guns Manager by Informa Investment Solutions

Firm Announcement

ClearArc Capital Announces New Website Launch

Dare to Be Different

Alternate Investing with Strategic Income Plus

Firm Announcement

ClearArc Capital Named Top Guns Manager by Informa Investment Solutions

Our Outlook for 2018

Lower Taxes, Increased Politics, and More Volatility

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